Hyosung GV650 takes two wheelers like Hyundai takes four

Published: 12th January 2011
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Hyosung GV650 takes two wheelers like Hyundai takes four

Nearly 25 years ago cars manufactured on the Asian land were considered to be low cost and affordable and with minimal styling. The present has taken nothing from the past. Many manufactures like the Kia, Proton and Hyundai have gained a world wide acceptance and are striving to become world’s top automobile manufacturers. Hyundai products are in par with Japanese and European brands. Hyundai being a Korean car manufacturer was never expected to reach at the place where it is today in the world automobile market. The same we can expect from Korean Motorcycle manufacturers. The leading name to do so would be Hyosung Motors.

The motorcycle industry is dominated by Japanese manufacturers where Korean makes are considered no more than a cheap variant of the Japanese. What Hyundai did to the car world, similar kind of expectation is from Hyosung to the two wheeler world. We can expect with Hyosung GV650 the rise of the Korean.

First uncovered in 2003 the Hyosung GV650 is today into full production with an engine from the street naked bike, the Comet. The engine and the design make the GV650 desirable. The rear wheel is driven by a 647cc liquid cooled 90 degree V twin engine that is served with four valve on each cylinder. Fuel is taken to the ignition chambers through 39mm Mikuni carbs, at 9000 rpm the motorcycle produces 70.2 bhp at lower level and a maximum torque of 50.1lbft at 7200 rpm. The bike has similar engine like that on the Comet, but unlike Comet the Hyosung GV650 runs on a belt instead of chain drive and the power is rounded off with 5 gears rather than 6 gears found on Comet.

The design of the cruiser bike was the work of Hyosung alone. The money spend on design and the prototype paid much larger than the Hyosung could ever expect. As soon as the cruiser was showcased at the Milan, company got a compliment letter from Harley Davidson. The letter stated that Hysoung had ripped off the styling of Harley’s V-Rod looks. When Hyosung received that saying from Harley Davidson, it made them feel that they were going in right direction. The motorcycle also received good compliments from Yamaha.

Electric Leg makes the motor start in first attempt and runs silent even when pulled hard. The exhausts pipes are well rounded off into one from two. Hyosung GV650 communicates well even while cornering at high speeds. The digital dash board is only visible in night or in low light. Under the sun the digital meter is unreadable even when its brightness level is kept at max out of three levels. Overall the riding is five stars out of five. The engine feels smooth even when gears are rough handled. The engine can be experienced best with smooth throttle, but is ready to get into action when pulled hard. Riding the bike in cities on streets is comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic design.

Hyosung GV650 makes a Korean manufacturer to join other world class manufacturers. Hyosung put its own distinct style in its motorcycles. The brand is not filler, which is between China products and the Japanese, its well engineered with Korean technology.

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